Reading and critical literacy require that the reader come to a text with some awareness of form and genre, and that awareness helps the reader navigate the text for meaning.

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Hypersexualization and exoticizing marginalized (by race and/or gender) characters are standard practices in superhero comics.

Black Widow v8 issue 4

Beware the roadbuilders. They are not here to serve you, they are on their way to bulldoze right over you.

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Republicans and conservatives are seeking indoctrination by omission.

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Literacy is not simple, and literacy development is not linear, sequential, or systematic.

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Learning to ride in a cycling group is a lesson in the importance of individual behavior for community safety.

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Without Animal Crossing and an expert mentor (both at the game and reading), Skylar could well have remained at the level of “going through the motions” of reading aloud.

The white problem in Stranger Things (Indiana) also sits beside the superhero genre obsession with white Middle America (see also the whiteness of South Park in Colorado and Mare in Pennsylvania).

I am white, a man, well paid, and very privileged. I am also 60. People now routinely ask me when I plan to retire.

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Paul Thomas

P. L. Thomas, Professor of Education Furman University, taught high school English before moving to teacher education.

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