Complex problems require complex solutions, especially in education reform.

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The “science of reading,” in fact, supports balanced literacy and not prioritizing systematic intensive phonics.

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The question defining “white privilege” as an “advantage” very likely reduces the number of respondents expressing support for or nuanced understanding of the concept.

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People born into socioeconomic and/or race privilege tend to navigate and achieve advanced education degrees, but the privilege itself is the primary driver of their “success” (attaining high-paying jobs), not the education.

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What I heard and witnessed in white-only spaces, including my home, contrasted disturbingly with what I heard and witnessed in mixed-race spaces.

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While the field of rhetoric has a long history of debating medium versus message, for students learning to write better, I emphasize that it is nearly impossible to separate the two.

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Citing Rand is the academic equivalent to citing Wikipedia or the dictionary in an essay for your first-year composition course.

Pop culture science fiction created in mid- to late twentieth century was often set in the world we inhabit today.

My childhood was filled with pop culture that convinced me that quicksand (and piranhas) was…

I clung to the jock life desperately in high school, but the nerd life was who I was, who I am.

Wearing my father’s number 3, I spent much of my adolescence trying to be the…

Paul Thomas

P. L. Thomas, Professor of Education Furman University, taught high school English before moving to teacher education.

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